WMFG Says:

WMFG’s extra big, tall, high volume kiteboard pump takes all the fighting out of inflation. Easier, faster and better, feature-rich and compatible with every kite on the market, it’s the finest kiteboard pump ever produced.

WMFG Kiteboard Pump 1.0T: $60

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TKB Says:

Four inches truly makes a big difference — at least where kite inflation is concerned.

L to R: WMFG Tall Pump (2.9L/pump), new North pump (2.3L/pump), Airush traditional pump

L to R: WMFG Tall Pump (2.9L/pump), new North pump (2.3L/pump), Airush traditional pump

2016 sees a huge leap forward in the next generation of pumps coming out from the various brands, including newcomer to the kitesurfing accessory market, WMFG. Tkb first received WMFG’s Kiteboard Pump 1.0T for our test group at the annual Baja Freeride Test. It measures 24” tall compared to standard pumps at 20” and comes with a newly molded handle and feet for improved ergonomics. Unaware of the pump’s abilities, at first, our test group was largely uninterested in the new product, but after the first few kites were inflated with the new pump, the group was duly impressed.


Built in ‘kite-tuned’ gauge; plug changes pump to single action

The 1.0T comes with new engineered seals and pistons which makes pumping up your kite easier and smoother. A small plug allows users to quickly change the pump from a double stroke, high-volume/low-pressure inflation system to a single, low-volume/high-pressure inflation system; this helps to get your kite extra hard for a rock-solid frame. We have come to learn that some kiters only use the single inflation mode. Nicknamed “the old man pump,” this mode provides even easier, almost effortless inflation that can be accomplished with just one hand.

victor pumping

The new generation of pumps are definitely easier on your back.

Additionally, the WMFG Kiteboard Pump 1.0T features an extra-durable hose with a new threaded fitting, a kite-tuned pressure gauge integrated into the handle and an integrated sand filter. The pump comes with a range of nozzles to fit any kite on the market today, and its handy pump leash neatly stores away by hooking around the handle.


All the nozzles you could need and an easy-on easy-off pump leash

So how big of a difference do those four inches make? WFMG’s 1.0T capacity is 2.9L/stroke while the standard pump capacity is 2.3L/stroke. The extra capacity of the larger pump will definitely save you a few extra strokes and get you on the water a bit faster. However, the taller sized pumps real advantage is for the user’s back. Compared to a standard pump, users don’t have to bend down anywhere near as far as before, a feature that extra tall kiters will especially appreciate.

NOTE: WMFG’s hose is very stiff. When used with some inflation systems, it can have a tendency to try and straighten out and untwist, resulting in the nozzle popping out of your valve. This can be easily resolved by giving the the hose a half-turn in the opposite direction to which it wants to untwist.