[two_third]ISLAND OF EVERYTHING – Deep within the Pacific, Jason Slezak
explores the importance of clearing schedules, opening minds, mutual respect and above all else, bringing everything…[/two_third]


[two_third]A SEAMLESS TRANSITION – In between seeking out Central California’s best surf, stepping into fatherhood and continuing the family legacy as a Santa Cruz surfboard shaper, Buck Noe is pushing the surfer crossover from waves to wind.[/two_third]


[two_third]RAISING HOPE – Tonia Farman, the founder of Kiteboard 4 Cancer, looks back on 10 years of fundraising and fun. With the inception of the watersport survivorship camps her organization has pioneered, she’s created a compassionate community that makes a meaningful impact upon those affected by cancer.[/two_third]


[two_third]CHARLIE DON’T SURF – With grinding surf, challenging onshore wind and a large population of unsuspecting newbies, Ocean Beach is no place for the faint of heart.[/two_third]


[two_third]GRENADINE ISLANDS – Flirting with the eastern edge of the Caribbean sits a chain of 32 idyllic islands known as the Grenadines. Filled with hidden treasure, the Grenadines run deep with rum,
wind and crystal blue waters.[/two_third]


[two_third]SENSIBLE SURFWEAR – Nowadays every major surf brand has a woman’s line of swimwear geared towards actual surfing, but in the winter of 2012 when Sensi first started her bikini company, bikinis
that stayed on were a novel idea.[/two_third]

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