North Kiteboarding and PIQ just revealed a game changer for the kiteboarding industry. Bringing fun to the forefront, they unveiled a new, exciting and engaging kiteboarding experience in the form of a sport specific accessory. With the most advanced sensor technology, it works in real-time and displays information via the PIQ which is attached to your board. For an enhanced riding experience where you can see the results immediately, North Kiteboarding and PIQ will shake up your sessions and stoke!

North Kiteboarding and PIQ share the same ambition: To enhance your kiteboarding experience and further your passion for the sport. Riders will now have access to a powerful and wearable product that provides live innovative metrics that reflect the height of their jump, air time and G force upon landing. In addition to in detail session statistics, riders can be part of the PIQ community, where they can challenge their friends, compete against other kiteboarders from across the globe, and partake in the international leaderboard.

Kiteboarding is an extreme and emblematic sport that has become more and more popular. In recent years, kiteboarding has garnered a loyal following amongst entrepreneurs. While PIQ brought its tech know-how to the table, North Kiteboarding brought its kiteboarding expertise to help design the mobile application and the kiteboarding accessory. The accessory is a kit composed of a mount that can be fixed to any board, and a housing in which the kiter will secure his/her PIQ sensor. It is rugged, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistant and easy to use. It’s been specifically designed to never interfere with the ride, and is compatible with any board. The PIQ sensor is connected via Bluetooth at low energy to a dedicated mobile application (iOS and Android). This North Kiteboarding and PIQ application gives detailed jump performance metrics to the user: height of jump, air time, G force at landing, rotations, number of jumps, total air time, total height etc.

Get your jump height in real-time on your board

Thanks to the PIQ technology, which captures data instantly, kiteboarders can automatically visualize their jump height in real-time on their board. With the LED screen in its transparent housing, by pressing the button, kiterboarders can easily see what their last jump height was, even in the bright sunlight. Right away, they can try to do better for the next jumps and exceed their limits.

For Aaron Hadlow, North Kiteboarding team rider and winner of the 2015 Red Bull King of the Air, the North Kiteboarding and PIQ solution will become a must have in the Kiteboarding world, especially because of this real time display: “It’s a super fun toy and pretty neat. PIQ is really an addictive connected sensor for all kiters that want to save some proof of the most epic jump they ever madeOnce you’re used to knowing your performance after each jump, you never want to go for a ride without it again!

Instantly challenge the kiters’ community

North Kiteboarding and PIQ measure and track performance and progress for all kiters during and after their sessions. The PIQ measuring unit opens up a whole new world of gaming possibilities: it highlights the best jumps and the best score in the leaderboard, allowing riders to compete within the community, with their friends and to challenge themselves. Each day, after a session, kiters receive the leaderboard with the TOP 10 highlights, and see how they measure up within in the community.

What do you think? Will it rival the WOO?

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