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While strapless airs are becoming commonplace in defining progressive kitesurfing, we still appreciate the flow and finesse of a good old-fashioned frontside snap. Airush team rider, Reider Decker, who’s front and center in the strapless freestyle scene, also knows a thing or two about a good frontside hit; he’s got the combination of classic wave riding and strapless freestyle down packed. Below, he breaks it down and shows you how to get the most out of your hack.


1. LINE IT UP: Get your kite placement correct and eye the section down the line for the hit.


2. LEAN INTO IT: Lean in and shoot up the face of the wave. If it’s a small meaty wave like this one, you don’t want to lean in to hard or you’ll fall out the back of it.


3. CONNECT WITH IT: Connect with the lip off the top and let your body start to rotate for the hit.


4. THROW IT OUT: Keep your body rotating and let your fins slide out with the wave.


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