Always pushing the boundaries of what he can do on the water, flying downwind with the Malolos, Kai Lenny’s perspective of the ocean has completely changed. Go Foil and Naish teamed up to create a hydrofoiling SUP and make Kai’s dream a reality. Powered only by his paddle and a bit of rolling swell, Kai expclaimed, “It truly felt like I was just standing there and walking on water but going 20mph. I’ve never gone that fast downwind before in my life.” Hydrofoiling has infiltrated the watersports industry. From waterskiing, wakeboarding and sailing to surfing and kiting, a hydrofoiling SUP was bound to happen… but what kind of foils will happen next?

Read about the history of foiling in the [Roots] department of the Fall 2015 Issue, Vol 12, No 3. for free here.



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