Congratulations to Pepi Suarez, George Bader, and Macdara Flaherty, for their podium finishes at the first ever Amateur Kiteboarders Association’s event, hosted by Goodwinds at Dorado Beach Resort, Puerto Rico! With smiles all around, the event was a huge success!

Created to further develop youth kiteboarding in Puerto Rico through team practices and organized competitions, this non-profit organization, the AKA, is dedicated to the growth of kiteboarding for highschool kids and younger.

Membership in the AKA is open to amateur male and female kiteboarders from ages 10 to 19 (seniors in highschool). It is the AKA’s plan that as it gains numbers in membership, they will organize different chapters around Puerto Rico (i.e. a San Juan Chapter, a Parguera Chapter, etc.) and monthly competitions will rotate among chapters. But as for 2016, there will only be the Dorado Chapter and all competitive events will take place at Dorado Beach. With plans for one event for each month from February through June, stay tuned for the madness that will ensue at March’s contest!