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Sizes Available: 136, 140, 144cm
Sizes Tested: 140 x 43.3cm

Tona Says:

Smooth through the chop and soft on landings, this board is simply a joy to ride. Inspired by his love of surfing, Dre wanted something that’s really fluid in turns while still maintaining the pop and edge control you need for performing powerful maneuvers. The subtle concave design allows for smooth rail to rail transitions while maintaining lots of grip while edging on the rail. This unique design also allows for a very smooth ride in choppy conditions and super soft landings from big jumps.

The Flow features a unique bottom shape developed by Dereck and Andre, the concave blends different rocker curves throughout the bottom of the board while maintaining a proven continuous rocker along the rail. The blue areas represent the concave depth from the tips to the flatter middle section of the board. We use a sintered UHMW slider base for the bottom of our boards. This sintered base is widely known as the toughest slider material in the snowboard and wakeboard industry due to its compression formed polymer structure.

Visit for more info: www.tonalife.com/flow/

Our Testers Say:

“The rocker’s got more curve than Sir Mix-a-Lot’s girlfriend.” Davey Beard

“Pretty as a flower but it’s solid as a rock.” Marko Bartscherer

“Super skatey with medium flex and lots of rocker, its time to bring out the boots.” Dray Murray

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

The 2016 Tona Flow features a substantial rocker, a flat center bottom and dual concave construction in the tips. Perfect for freestyle maneuvers and riding sliders, this board comes with .08 slider fins and a PTU grind base for a durable ride that can take abuse from rails and lacing up your boots on the beach. Tona twin tip boards do not come with pads and straps so riders can choose if they want boots or straps/pads, so you will see we bolted on some Naish pads for our test team.

Testers noted how fun it was to skate around and carve. It generates a good amount of pop from its fairly stiff flex pattern and is very lively on the carving side. Our testers also noted that although it needs a bit of back foot pressure to keep it tracking upwind, the template and rocker handles the choppy conditions we had during the test extremely well. Testers recommend this board for the intermediate to advanced freestylers that wants a fun and lively board that can take all the abuse you can dish out.