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Sizes Available: 134, 138, 140cm
Sizes Tested: 134, 138cm

Slingshot Says:

Slingshot blends high tech manufacturing with classic wood core construction in the 2016 Vision. This freeride and freestyle twin tip is built around a Pacific Albus wood core, which gives the board unmatched flex and resiliency, and is then infused with Slingshot’s exclusive manufacturing techniques that include laser cut NACA TECH* channels, a rugged DURA base, Fusion Sidewall, Chined Rails and an inlaid Fastrack mounting system that gives riders ultimate control when mounting footbeds or boots.

These features, and the board’s elliptical concave and continuous rocker shape, combine to create an unparalleled all-around freestyle board that accelerates through the water with ease, cuts upwind efficiently, provides insane pop and soft landings and is durable enough to withstand abuse of the world’s hardest-charging kiters.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/2016-Vision

Our Testers Say:

“A well rounded board for many conditions and riding levels.” Bill Gordon

“An easy rider with nice, grippy and super soft pads.” Dray Murray

“Great flex, nice landings, sets a great upwind edge.” Jonathan Dixon

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

The 2016 Slingshot Vision features a flat bottom with noticeable Naca tech channels in the tips. With a decent amount of rocker for an average twin tip and a fairly stiff wood core that offers up a huge amount of pop when loaded properly, the Vision is a serious freestyle machine. It goes upwind fairly well given its amount of rocker but testers mentioned that they might go a size up to get some extra volume underfoot to compensate for the rocker. The Vision has lots of options for duck adjustments and sliding tracks for width adjustments. The pads are plush with two toe bars and a soft rubbery grip. Our testers liked that it was a great all around freestyle board, not just a park board, and were stoked on how well it handled chop and tracked upwind given its 2.0 fins and significant rocker.