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Sizes Available: 130, 133, 136, 139cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 41cm

North Says:

The Jaime has been in the North Kiteboarding range for over 10 years now; it’s a fantastic freeride and freestyle machine that perfectly reflects the way our very own Jaime Herraiz rides. It’s the perfect board for riders who are looking for a great freestyle board without the unforgiving stiffness that some of the top end pro models have. It perfectly blends the ultimate in performance with a smoother and easier ride, making it a good choice for freeriders too. For 2016, the Jaime has a new shape with a wider outline making the pop even better and the landings even easier. This year, it has a slight slant towards freestyle and features a new Carbon Beam construction, which gives the board a lively and eager feeling. The bottom features our Quattro-V bottom concept which offers superior grip whilst helping to smooth out landings. The Jaime is fast, yet smooth, with enough pop to excite the most demanding of riders.

Visit for more info: www.northkiteboarding.com/products/boards/twin-tips/jaime/

Our Testers Say:

“Got some fun boosts on this board!” Ross Danielson

“Great all around board, fantastic upwind and carving, the Jamie is the crown jewel.”
Rob Shea

“Light and snappy, it’s super quick to react and a ton of fun to ride.” Russ Werner

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

Nicknamed the Cadillac of freeride boards by Tkb’s Freeride testers, the 2016 North Jamie features a subtle single concave with a slight channel towards the tips. It’s got the perfect amount of flex to make a hero out of the average Joe. Lively, light and playful with tons of pop, it has found the perfect balance between tracking upwind easily, while skatey enough for freestyle and charging confidently through heated toeside carves. The Jamie offers two options for width of strap stance and features North’s track system for unlimited and finely tuned stance width adjustment. It’s straps have a medium density that provide an all encompassing plush neoprene feeling with dual zone adjustments and a plush but firm rubber like footbed with ample texture for a solid footing. Testers praised this board as a perfect all around freeride board with North-like attention to all the big and small details.