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CARVED Imperator
Sizes Available: 130, 133, 135, 139cm
Sizes Tested:135, 139cm

Carved Says:

The Imperator is the legend. The true jump champion with easy landings – anywhere. We believe that the Imperator is, in terms of control, way beyond any other twin tip, especially in strong winds, choppy water or otherwise challenging conditions.

Cartan Carved Technology adds to its legendary ability to perfectly combine two technically disparate elements – flex and stiffness. The result is a board with the ability for unprecedented explosive jumps as well as a comfortable and effective upwind ability. The board’s tips have elliptical cut-outs that increase flex while further decreasing weight. Moreover, thanks to the Imperator’s rounded rails, the ride becomes easier, more comfortable and more controlled.

Visit for more info: https://www.carved.de/products/imperatorVse/carbon

Our Testers Say:

“I loved this classy, super light, fun board with good load and comfy footstraps.” Bill Gordon

“ A good looking board but easy to lose track of in the water.” David Gordon

“Cuts through chop like a hydrofoil.” Ross Danielson

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

The 2016 Carved Imperator features a single concave construction with no bottom contours. Testers praised this board as one of the two lightest boards of the week, with its thin rails that capably slice through chop and a stiffer flex pattern that provides tons of load and pop. Its popularity was apparent as it was the board chosen by many testers on the days we did the island crossing adventure and downwinders. The Imperator comes with medium density pads with a subtle toe grip, a deeper heel cup that securely locks your foot into place and 1.5” fins. The pads feature three holes for adjusting duck settings and the strap mounts feature two settings for the stap’s foot width and quad Velcro adjustment for a highly customizable strap that ensures comfort for users of different sizes.