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AXIS Division
Sizes Available: 128, 133, 135, 138cm
Sizes Tested: 135, 138cm

AXIS Says:

The AXIS Division has a straighter outline in the middle and is more curved in the tips making it smooth and stable, instantly comfortable and a blast to ride. The bottom shape is less complicated than some of our more aggressive freestyle models but still provides a good grip. In addition, the new rocker line allows the AXIS Division to glide over the water, which, coupled with the bottom shape, reduces the drag of the board, making it faster, providing more upwind ability and allowing for some smooth, solid landings.

The outline, flex and bottom shape allow this board to cut through chop and still deliver when it is pushed to the next level. The Division is super comfortable to ride. Ride it for the first time, and it will feel like the best board ever.

Visit for more info: www.axiskiteboarding.com/product/division-2/#.VpL3qZMrKRs

Our Testers Say:

“Amazing all around board that turns and edges well in the chop. The board’s vibrant colors make retrieval easy.” Bill Gordon

“A solid, user-friendly board that charges upwind but was also super fun to drive downwind.” Marko Bartscherer

“Excellent edging and power delivery into jumps.” Davey Beard

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:

The 2016 Division offers a less aggressive bottom shape than the other Axis boards with a toned down quad concave, a thinner rail and more rounded outline in the tips. The simple bottom shape makes this board feel skatier/playful when not on edge and the rounded tips handled our choppy conditions quite well. The Division still has enough stiffness to deliver next level load and pop. The pad/footbed is the same as those offered on the other Axis boards with a firm but comfy rubbery textured grip under foot, but the Traction straps are a single Velcro adjustment pad, that certainly work and are comfortable, but doesn’t provide the same amount of all encompassing support you get from the dual adjustment Traction + straps on other models.