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Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 11, 12m

Naish Says:

Designed for aggressive freeride and freestyle riders, the all new Park HD is now in high definition, thanks to its open arc and high aspect ratio of 4.6. It fuses high performance with easy handling for an incredibly forgiving ride in nearly every condition. The static bridle platform provides great acceleration through turns, crisp bar feel and ensures stability—even in extreme conditions.

Unhooked, the Park HD delivers a great “pop and slack” combination which helps riders nail their next big trick. While hooked-in, riders will appreciate the instant power and lift generated when jumping.

Visit for more info: www.naishkites.com/product/park-hd/

Our Testers Say:

“C-kite like performance that provides powerful kite loops, tight arching turns and easy upwind ability,” Dray Murray.

“A fast and fun kite that tears upwind,” Jon Dixon.

“Fast flying, high boosting kite with a clean bar design,” Marko Bartscherer.

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.


TKB Says:

The Park HD is new for this year with a 3-strut higher aspect C-shaped canopy that delivers inspiring performance in the hooked and unhooked freestyle categories. The Park HD inflates quickly with a new large diameter Boston valve that requires the standard large nozzle attachment that comes with all pumps. Its struts inflate via Naish’s one-way internal Octopus distribution system while deflating is a two-step process in which the individual struts deflate independently from the leading edge. The Park features a single setting front bridle with no pulleys and three steering settings on the wingtip to adjust bar pressure. Testers liked the Park HD’s light to medium par pressure and really nice/crisp steering response. The Park HD seems to have tighter pivot style turn for a C-shaped kite, but the Park HD turns fast and feels incredibly solid in the air. Testers praised the Park HD for it’s impressive boosting lift and for it’s relatively higher aspect ratio this kite provided impressive hangtime. The Park HD relaunches wel from deep within the window, although compared to kites with delta leading edges, the Park HD requires steady pressure on one side to flip the kite and taxi halfway to the edge of the window before releasing from the water. Not instant relaunch, but nonetheless reliable and easy for a high performance shape. The Park HD has good unhooked handling which makes this kite an excellent choice for the hooked and unhooked freestylers out there.


Our Park HD came with the Fusion ATB control bar which is a dual adjustable length bar (45/51cm width) with a spectra sheeting/throw line, no sliding stopper, and a single center-line safety depower in a low V configuration for easy flagging/self landing. The Fusion ATB features above the bar depower Clamcleat with velcro attachment to keep the depower control toggle from tangling. The safety system uses a lightweight push away quick release that doesn’t have a hand swivel or integrated quick release travel guard. The center lines untwist via an above the bar swivel and the center lines end in a loop and the outside lines end in knots. The molded floats are integrated into the bar ends with retractable bungees and sufficient winding space. Testers praised the nice medium plush grip with humps under the fingers and pleasing rubber texture for just the right grip.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.naishkites.com/product/fusion-atb-control-system/