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CAUTION Spitfire
Sizes Available: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 12m

Caution Says:

Long known as the benchmark in surf kites the Caution Spitfire returns with a tuned feel and added features. It’s 5-strut frame is rock solid in the air providing exceptional bar feedback and a steady feel. The bridle can be tuned to maximize drift in the surf as well as pop and load for flat water fun. A new large single point inflation valve provides hassle free inflation and the new bridle is detailed with cast pulleys. Caution has always been on the forefront of build technology with both visible and subtle details to keep your kite flying and out of the repair shop.

Visit for more info: www.cautionkites.com/spitfire/

Our Testers Say:

“Comes alive in the high end of its wind range,” Dray Murray.

“A stable kite that was fun to jump and fast enough to carve quick turns,” David Gordon.

“This kite dominates in the low end range,” Russ Werner.

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.


TKB Says:

The 2016 Spitfire is a redesigned 5-strut medium aspect C-shaped canopy that Caution markets as a surf kite that also performs in the freeride category. New for this year the Spitfire comes with a large flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle that comes standard with most pumps which makes for a quick inflate and deflate. There’s three wingtip steering settings to adjust bar pressure/steering speed and three settings on the front bridle with a simple metal pulley. Testers commented on the Spitfire’s medium plus bar pressure which gives the rider a solid grasp of the kite’s position in the window and solid steering response and predictable but quick turning speed. The Spitfire has a broader C-style steering arc and generates a fair amount of power in turns. Testers found the Spitfire easy to boost with solid lift for big air but gave high praise for the Spitfire’s drift and reliable turning in the middle of the window for riding in the waves.


The Jake Brake Bar (Named after co-owner Peter Schiebel’s infamous German Shepard) features a fixed length bar with plastic throw line, no sliding stopper, single center-line safety depower, low V, above the bar tuning cleat with a Velcro attachment to keep the depower control toggle from tangling. This bar features a push away quick release and a below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a quick release guard. With knotted center lines and loops on the outside lines, the durability of the plastic throw doesn’t allow the length of throw to be adjusted at the cleat, but the overall length suits the average reach of most riders. Molded floats are integrated into the soft EVA non-tunable bar ends for a clean and easy wrap up at the end of your session and testers liked the plush rubbery grip and overall simplicity of the Caution bar.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.cautionkites.com/2016-control-system/