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BWS Æneema
Sizes Available: 5.5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13m
Sizes Tested: 9m

BWS Says:

The Æneema belongs to a new realm of hybridised kite, something that slots in beside the Noise Pro and the Ian Alldredge TDZ as your go-to for a spectrum of conditions. Its featherweight design combines the BWSurf Signature Drift with an incredibly fast-turning profile to give you an unbeatable experience. The Æneema provides smooth and direct on/off power at a moment’s notice; turn the power off and let the kite drift while you carve up the face or flick it on to motor through fast sections. The power is there when you need it and the BWSurf signature Drift lets you focus on riding the wave when you want to.

Visit for more info: www.bwsurf.com/shop/kites/product/133-aeneema

Our Testers Say:

“Turns with smooth power delivery while drifting,” Davey Beard.

“Built to withstand wave punishment,” Ricky Wong.

“Stable, quicker turning than the last generation of Noises, very predictable with good bar feedback, simple functional bar, love the soft grip,” Dray Murray.

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.


TKB Says:

For 2016 BWS has introduced the Aenema model, a 3-strut medium to lower aspect kite that BWS markets as surf driven design with lighter overall construction. This year BWS switched to a large flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle that comes standard with most pumps which makes for a quick inflate and deflate. The Aenema features a single setting for wingtip steering and a single setting fixed front bridle for a very simple set it and forget it approach to kite tuning. The Aenema features solid turning speed, with a smooth power progression as you sheet in the bar and medium to heavier bar pressure that gives you a good sense of kite placement at all times. Testers praised the Aenema for its predictable turning, excellent drift off the wind and middle of the road boosting, but solid han time. The Noise delivers plenty of power, but overall, testers recommended the Aenema as an excellent kite for surf, general freeride and casual hooked in freestyle for intermediate riders.


The Æneema Undertow bar comes with a fixed length bar and 22m kite lines. It’s minimalist design features a plastic throw line, a stiffer donkey dick and adjustable chickenloop. It comes complete with a single center-line safety depower, low V, above bar adjustable tuning cleat and a push away quick release with integrated swivel that doubles as a quick release guard. The integrated padded bar ends combine nicely with it’s soft foam molded one piece comfort grip that has always been a hit with testers.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.bwsurf.com/shop/bars/product/21-undertow-bar