On November 19th, a local spontaneous, event initiated by Dariusz Garko of GarkoFit, “Kite for Paris”, was a last minute ride on the Hudson River to demonstrate unity with Paris and really all countries facing and fighting terrorism. “The statue of liberty is so symbolic of our freedoms and what better place to kiteboard waving the flags of America and France than right by Lady Liberty herself, which is of course, is also in close proximity to New York’s devastating tragedy of 9/11.” stated Garko. “It was just an inspired moment and a way to show that we too were saddened by such horrific events regardless of where they happen – we are all, or should be, global citizens today and kiteboarding is a global sport that brings together people of all nationalities, races, religions through a common passion.”

KiteForParis Crew

Garko was joined by fellow Polak, 44 year old Piotr Urbanik, along with Americans and Jersey natives, John Harris, Jim Roberts and Eric Rauscher. 

In the future Garko hopes to develop a much larger scale donation based event that happens annually on The Hudson River.

View the gallery below:
Photographer: VBJ2

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