Breaking out on their own to fill a gap for what they believed to be insufficient equipment, a group of passionate kiters and windsurfers established Mystic in 2003. Upholding their mission, “why follow when you can lead”, Mystic has massively stepped up their game for 2016 with newly developed products and technologies. Mystic’s Marketing Manager, Marijke Blok explains the changes to their harnesses, spreader bars and wetsuits along with the new technologies added to the 2016 line.

This year, Mystic introduced FlyMold technology to the Legend harness. How does this translate to rider comfort and performance?

Mysticimages-02For 2016, The R&D team at Mystic developed a unique concept that we call the FlyMold. Imagine a traditional harness but throw away all of the various layers and combine them into one single piece; a one of a kind harness that combines simplicity with a new construction method to prevent complete water absorption. This new development gives the rider a super lightweight harness and stays that way throughout the entire kite session. Another epic feature of the Legend harness is the FlyWeb. The idea behind the FlyWeb is to distribute the force of the kite evenly over the FlyMold, which allows you to stay out and kite for longer. The center part of the FlyWeb contains an ergonomically designed backplate with extra spinal inserts in order to provide more support during your session. With the FlyMold and the FlyWeb structure, we are able to maintain flexibility and give the rider the optimal support where needed. The combination between materials and the FlyMold design makes the harness stick to your body, preventing it from twisting or riding up.

You have introduced a new spreader bar design called the Banana Bar. How does it compare to the Clickerbar and how do you recommend riders choose between these to two styles?

The Clickerbar is still the easiest and quickest open/closing system for harnesses. To pair with the Legend harness, the R&D team went back to the drawing board and designed the Banana Bar. This bar is super lightweight and therefore goes perfectly with our lightweight Legend harness. The Banana Bar also has several attachment points which makes it easy to use for different kite harness models. In order to be 100% dedicated to the sport of interest, The Banana Bar comes in two models, one for kitesurfing and one for windsurfing.

How should kiters choose between the classic Warrior, the Legend and the Drip harness?

Mysticimages-04That’s a tricky question. It all comes down to personal preferences. The Warrior, Legend and Drip are three very similar, yet also very different harnesses. The Warrior gives you full back support and a lot of comfort during tricks. The Legend is a lightweight harness specifically designed for kitesurfing. This harness is made out of one single layer with the ideal density to give perfect grip with or without a wetsuit. The revolutionary FlyWeb distributes the force of the kite evenly over the FlyMold, which allows you to stay out longer. The Drip harness is the all time favorite for many of our teamriders. It is the perfect combination of support and flexibility and gives you as much freedom of movement as you like.

Selecting a harness out of these three choices can be difficult. As said before, it all comes down to personal preferences in how much back support you prefer or how the harness feels when you try it on. We always suggest you try on different sizes and models as well as try them with a bar, which you can do in your local kite shop. That way you can feel the difference in size and the difference between our models. Do you want more back support and less flex, or do you want more flex and less support? That is something you definitely have to feel to be able to decide.

When it comes to super cold kiting conditions, what’s the top choice in the Mystic line of wetsuits and what are the key features that keep riders warm in arctic conditions?

The warmest wetsuit in our range is without a doubt the Legend. The Legend is just epic! It features a unique quick dry lining, which will not only dry faster, but also keeps the water out longer. This helps to maintain your body temperature and creates an insulating shell. The wetsuit is super flexible and has a windproof panel at the front and the back to protect you from the cold winds as much as possible. The Legend model comes in both 6/4/3 and a 5/3 thicknesses.

In the middle of the line you have the Majestic and Crossfire wetsuits. How should riders choose between these two suits?

Mysticimages-05The Majestic and Crossfire are both wetsuits that have been part of our range for a long time. We updated the Majestic to our special M-Flex 2.0 neoprene a while ago and didn’t want to change anything else about this winning wetsuit. The wetsuit is top of the range and gives the person who is wearing it all the freedom and comfort they need. The Crossfire has always been our radical wetsuit with crazy color blocks. This winter we have given the Crossfire a big update and now it’s also made of the M-Flex 2.0 and comes in a front and back zip version. The Crossfire is a great wetsuit for people who want excellent quality but still want to stand out and show off a bit.

When it comes to the X-Series of helmets, you have introduced a really innovative magnet fit-lock closure system. How will this change the helmet experience?

The MK8 helmets have been with us for a while now, but for 2016, we’ve developed a whole new color range. A new addition to the MK8 range is the MK8-X series. These helmets are equipped with a Fidlock closing system. No more messing around with and pinching your skin between the buckles. The Fidlock system is a smart magnetic closing system that can be easily operated with just one hand.

At Surf Expo we saw a glimpse of the girl’s line of waterwear. What are the most popular accessories for the female kiters out there?

Mysticimages-01The girls will be very happy with our new collection. 2016 brings the girls some stylish neoprene tops and pants. Next to that we have various rashguards, quick dry tops and pants. The entire women’s collection is very well thought out to ensure that the waterwear and lifestlye collections match. There are plenty of new tees, bikinis and board shorts to get you in the right mood for 2016. We know how important it is to look good on the water and on the beach!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We have too many new toys to talk about! We can’t wait to show the world our new collections. We would also like to thank our global riders, distributors and ambassadors. Mystic is a collective of so many different people from around the world and we all work together to push the brand forward.

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