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How to Qualify: Go Kiteboarding with a WOO! Log 2 WOO sessions, each with a jump of at least 25 feet, and include in your session description “Take me to Cayman” on the WOO Kite App. That’s it!  A winner will be picked at the end of the contest and announced on January 8th.

Dates: November 23rd through January 7th.  Winner will be awarded on January 8th.

The Prize: Round trip airfare, accommodations, and entry into The Rock International Open (TRIO) competition in the Cayman Islands January 21st – 25th.

Don’t Have a Woo? What are you waiting for?  Get in touch with your local retailer, grab a Demo WOO and log your first session today! Find a shop using the Shop Locator.

For more info click here.

Note: This contest is for Americans (Continental US only) and runs from November 23rd through January 6th. The winner will be announced on January 7th.