NP Says:

Designed for female athletes that demand only the best, the Serene is a wetsuit that fits perfectly, looks great and includes our top materials and technologies: Apex-Plus neoprene, ultra-warm and lightweight Fireline insulation and odor-beating Bamboo Charcoal inner lining.

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Tkb Says:

A suit that holds up with the best of them, NP designed their top-of-the-line women’s suit with the same high-end technological advancements and materials as the men’s Mission, providing superior warmth and stretch (along with some other nifty features). This 4/3mm fullsuit will keep you warm, toasty and like its name, Serene, even in the Pacific’s frigid waters.

Testing out the suit on both California’s Central Coast as well as in the more temperate waters of the Atlantic, the Serene 4/3mm fullsuit kept me warm and was virtually flush-free. Even after an ample amount of faceplants and waves to the head, not a drop of water trickled through the seams.

Before I even had the opportunity to reach back and zip up this suit, I was overcome with the warm and fuzzies of NP’s plush Fireline insulation as it warmed my torso like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning. The suit’s plush, fleece-lined torso kept my core warm and its super stretchy Apex-Flex neoprene provided a wide range of movement making for easy paddling while surfing and all-around movement during kite sessions.

ww_inside_serene_bzThe suit’s seamless shoulder’s and underarm’s cut short the irritation and chaffing of other suits with nasty seams that dig in and leave impression marks on your skin. The rest of the suit’s seams are glued and blind stitched or fully taped with NP’s signature P-Skin for an impermeable seal.

Designed for easy entry and exit, the Serene’s back zip with E3 Entry pull-over bib fit nicely around my neck. Not too tight or too loose, but just right, preventing water from entering through the back and avoiding the strangling sensation that suits with tighter neck gussets commonly present.

Continuing with its flush-free attributes, it is clear that NP has extensively examined the source of early-onset elephantitis; a condition characterized by excessive water buildup around one’s calf, often resulting in a superfluous burden. With this suit, NP has taken measurable action to avoid said dreaded ‘calf boat’. The suit’s grippy “aquavents” stayed tight around my ankles releasing any water caught in the suit, and to remedy the situation even further, although I did not find these necessary, the suit’s ankle’s are equipped with cinch loops and attachable Velcro ankle cinches that tighten around the ankle to prevent water buildup.

Another key feature to this suit is its Bamboo Charcoal lining, equipped with anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Having ridden California’s Central Coast by evening, I threw the sodden suit into a trash bag, tied it up, and shoved it into my duffle before catching an early morning flight to the East Coast. Arriving in Hatteras the next afternoon, I peeled the suit from its noxious plastic bag, half expecting a pungent whiff of cat pee from the previous day’s damp and muggy travel. To my surprise the suit was free of suspected stench and smelled of its original factory fresh neoprene.

From the cool-watered Pacific coast to the warmer waters of the Atlantic, the Serene stayed snug, sealed, flexible and toasty. Key features to this suit were it’s anti-flush attributes including it’s comfortably sized bib and “aquavents” that allowed nothing to weigh me down and kept my calves elephantitis-free along with NP’s Bamboo Charcoal interior that kept my suit smelling lemony fresh, everything I could have asked for after a long day’s travel.


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