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As kiteboarders, we all know there’s something serene about spending time in the wind and on the water. It provokes certain emotions; calming us, exciting us and even captivating us. Bringing us closer to nature, flying over the water with a kite provides us with a feeling of supernaturalism, giving us a sense of freedom and power. Flyin Hearts likes to call this wind therapy.


Flyin Hearts is a non-profit organization interested in proving the beneficial effects of kitesurfing on teenagers with psycho-behavioral conditions including depression, panic attacks, asociality and self-harm.

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Embracing new emotions and stoked on the wind

On an emotional level, we can feel the effects of wind and water on our mental state, however the research behind it is sparse. As our recognition of the connection between water and wind and our mental health becomes more prominent, scientists and researchers have begun to notice and study it as it pertains to our neurological state.

Attempting to eliminate the idea of kitesurfing as an extreme sport and promote it for its psychophysical benefits, Flyin Hearts has teamed up with a highly specialized medical team to monitor teenagers with psycho-behavioral diseases at kite camps set up by FH Academy. Taking a holistic approach, the goal is to prove kiteboarding’s therapeutic qualities and awaken new reactions and interests among teenagers with social and emotional conditions.

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R&D of kiting’s effects at the 2015 summer camp in Sardinia

In order to raise funding for this research, Flyin Hearts has teamed with Cabrinha and a variety of lifestyle brands to create a selection of one of a kind 2016 kites to be sold through an online auction, open now through Nov. 22, 2015. Winners will be invited to a unique Cabrinha test experience with world champion and brand ambassador, Alberto Rondina, next summer in Porto Pollo, Italy. To bid on one of these one of a kind kites visitwww.charitystars.com/flyinhearts