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Rider collaboration is a key component to Ride Engine’s ethos. They have worked closely with some of the best kiteboarders in the world to refine the Armor’s revolutionary design. That collaboration truly shines through in the stunning Team Series lineup. Utilizing compression molding technology to layer fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Pro Team Series models are light, stiff and extremely durable, making this an excellent choice for hard-charging kiters like Patrick Rebstock, who is front lining their Pro team collection in 2015. The Pro Team series is designed for precision fit, rugged performance and a durability that will stand up to the toughest punishment.

Team Series

Team Series

Form and function synergize with their high-tech and eye-catching line of Elite Carbon Collection harnesses. Constructed with double carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Elite model is their lightest, strongest and stiffest of the three harnesses. Visually stunning, they’ve made these high-end harnesses works of art as well as finely-tuned tools for fun. Simply put, they’ve redefined the meaning of the phrase “state-of-the-art,” setting new standards for next generation kite harnesses. Suggested pairing of The Elite Carbon harness with the all carbon bar and rope setup creates a riding experience unlike anything else available on the market. This streamlined system is enticingly lightweight and low profile. Once riders try this fluid, direct connection to the wind, they won’t want to go back.

Elite Series

Elite Carbon Series

For more info and to grab yourself a harness visit: www.rideengine.com 


Coleman Buckley, the brainchild behind Ride Engine, is the king of cheap hacks and relentless tinkering: This is the story of hard work and innovation during the garage days of the Ride Engine brand. As the first hard-shell production harnesseses hit the market, we take you back to Engine’s beginning on Santa Cruz’s west side. Read the full feature in the Fall Issue to Tkb.