Dawn broke on day 3 of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic with 5-7 foot surf and consistent northeast wind in the upper 20’s. Finals day was on and the Men’s Semifinal heats hit the water first thing in the morning. Mark Miedama advanced past Patrick Rebstock in Semifinal Heat 1 and Reider Decker advanced past Jason Slezak in Semifinal Heat 2. Slezak and Rebstock moved into the battle for 3rd as Reider Decker and Mark Miedama duked it out in the Final for 1st and 2nd. The Women’s Final saw amazing conditions and an incredible level of riding between Jalou Langeree and Morgan Skiperdene.

Women’s Final: Jalou Langeree vs. Morgan Skiperdene
Men’s Battle for 3rd: Jason Slezak vs. Patrick Rebstock
Men’s Final: Reider Decker vs. Mark Miedama

Congratulations to the winners!

Men’s Open:

1st Place ($2000): Reider Decker
2nd Place ($1000): Mark Miedama
3rd Place ($600): Jason Slezak

Women’s Open:

1st Place ($700): Jalou Langeree
2nd Place ($400): Morgan Skiperdene
3rd Place ($300): Gage Fichter