Quick Connect Says:

Quick Connect will save you lots of time rigging, and especially saves you from a lot of frustrations and hassles associated with crowded, small, and sketchy launch sites. With a re-designed shape and smaller overall size, this tool works with all bar/line setups and makes for a much more natural and controlled feel for your kite lines when wrapping up your control bar.

When you use the Quick Connect to wrap up and perfectly secure and organize your lines, you will always be ready and guaranteed to connect your lines every time . . . Lines that will be stress-free and ready for the quickest connection as possible.

Visit for more info: https://www.roguekiteboarding.com/

Tkb Says:

The concept behind the line management tool seems straightforward, but when we tried to use it out of the box we ended up thoroughly confused, both on the big and small picture of how to properly integrate this device into the rigging process. No sweat; we pulled out our smartphone and watched a video on the manufacturer’s website and then it became crystal clear.


Like most line management tools, the Quick Connect adds a couple extra steps and slows the process of wrapping up your lines, but the next time you unwrap your bar, you can connect the lines straight to your kite, pay out your lines and go directly to launch while being 100% (minus 5% for human error) sure that your lines will not be tangled.


Essentially, the Quick Connect untangles/clears your lines when you wrap up your bar after the previous session, and then secures your lines’ ends spacial relationship to the bar so at next use you can skip walking the lines. Is that a good thing? It probably encourages people to skip whatever pre-flight check you get out of running your lines pre-session, but in assisted launch situations, you can still double-check your handy-work before your launching buddy releases the kite. If self launching, it might be worth the redundancy of running the lines to check for tangles or errors in rigging.


For advanced kiters that have excellent line management skills, the Quick Connect will probably not save much time, but for beginners and intermediates it may be an excellent tool for not only minimizing tangles, but also encouraging riders to think about the spacial relationship of your lines. The application in which the Quick Connect shines is in highly technical launching situations with limited real estate, like boat launches. In these situations, a higher degree of rigging certainly will outweigh the additional time it takes to clip and slide the Quick Connect along your lines.


1) Watch the video: get the big and small picture of how this tool fits into the rigging process.
2) When you wrap lines onto your bar (with or without quick connect), wind your lines with a lot of tension on the bar ends. This keeps lines securely in place and less likely to tangle.
3) Keep Quick Connect in your kite bag or on you while riding . . . you’re probably not going to walk back to the car to get this device.
4) Double check your rigging before you launch. Better safe than sorry.