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Sizes Available: 130, 135, 138, 142, 150cm
Sizes Tested: 150×45.5cm

Airush Says:

The Switch is the most versatile and comfortable oriented board in the range, enjoyed by beginners and advanced riders. For 2015, the Switch has had major changes in weight, new 3D deck for change in flex patterns as well as a new wider outline for better upwind performance.

Visit for more info: https://www.airush.com/2015/boards/switch/

Our Testers Say:

“The board did really well despite its blocky shape. It has good pop and handled the chop very well. It felt light for it’s overall size and the bindings were very comfortable yet stayed on my feet. For bigger riders like myself, the Switch becomes super fun in the 14mph range,” Clint Sterba.


Tkb Says:

Airush presents the Switch line of boards as a freeride performance line of boards, but on the upper end of the line Airush has tacked on a dedicated light wind shape. The 150×45.5cm Switch is a boxy shape with asymmetrical rails; the straighter outline is on the heelside for excellent low wind and upwind tracking while the toeside template is rounded/tucked for more lively and fun frontside carving. There’s a full length channel under the heel edge with a very flat rocker that our average size testers found to track upwind extremely well in the lightest wind and handled the chop surprisingly well for its boxy tips. With middle of the road flex this board can be jumped, but it’s full template and width tends to put it more squarely in the dedicated light wind category while earning high praise for it’s ease of use, comfortable ride and fun carving.