CKA athletes gather to help organize the heats

With a great forecast this week for the Outer Banks, the CKA was up and at it on day one for the final event of the series. Riders from six schools from around the US are gathered in Hatteras this week for the Collegiate Kiteboard Association National Championships. The finals consist of three events: surf, sliders and freestyle. With strong morning northeast winds, the perfect side-on conditions for the surf category, a riders meeting was held at 9:30am and by 10:15am, the first man-on-man heats were out on the water.


Brandon Cordina

Standouts of the day were Brandon Cordina from College of Charleston, who threw a big 180 on the face of a head high wave and also attempted a huge powered front roll on a meaty wave of consequence. Brandon’s energetic level of riding helped propelled him up the rankings as the day continued.  


Reider Decker

Reider Decker from East Coast University was on fire with a strapless front roll off the face of a wave, a low shove it three in the shore pound and bunch of 360 whirly birds. Reider’s bag of tricks is so deep that CKA alumni, Billy Bosch was quoted as saying, “I don’t know what to call most of his stuff!”


Jacob Olivier

In the High school category, Score at the Top Academy freshman, Jacob Olivier bagged some solid waves throughout the day with consistent power and speed. Performing at a very high level for his age, Jacob was able to drive down the line on each ride, producing at least three to four cut backs per wave. 


Kit Fisher

Kit Fisher from the University of Central Florida drew long fluid lines along with some deep cutbacks. His smooth style and ability to pick the more open faced waves helped him progress up the rankings. 


Reider Decker giving youngster Jacob Olivier some tips

After the men’s and women’s categories wrapped up, the alumni division took to the water to show the college kids that they’ve still got their skills. With a strong forecast in the works for the remainder of the week, the CKA is thrilled to be hosting this event in ideal conditions. Stay tuned for updates from the Sliders and Freestyle categories.

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