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ROYAL Era Limited
Sizes Available: 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

Royal Says:

The Era is already a great light wind kite, now with the Era Limited Edition, we take light wind performance to an entirely new level! The Era LTD sports a single strut and lightweight Dacron to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing stability or performance, enabling you to get out riding sooner.

With the legendary boost and float of the Era, the Era LTD allows you hang in the breeze and throw down your favorite tricks in lightwind with confidence. Really looking to push the edge? Grab a hydrofoil and get out in almost no wind at all and own the water!

Visit for more info: https://royalkiteboarding.com/collections/tools/products/era-ltd-v2

Our Testers Say:

“I was ripping laps on a foilboard with this single strut machine while everyone was stranded on the beach. With a lower aspect ratio and a ton of canopy this kite generates impressive low-end grunt power to get you going in the lightest wind. The single strut airframe offers a nice progressive sheeting feel with good bar pressure,” Brendan Richards.


TKB Says:

The Royal Era Limited is a lower aspect single strut kite that delivered some of the most low-end grunt out of all of our test kites. Testers commented on the Era’s super stable canopy and middle of the road turning speed which is expected of a kite of this size, along with it’s overall forgiving nature. The Era Limited wasn’t the strongest relaunching kite out of the group, but offered decent capability in the extreme low winds we had when testing the product. Testers also commented that the Era really came alive once it develops some apparent wind speed.


The Era comes with a fixed length bar which features a single center-line safety depower, double plastic coated throw with a sliding stopper, low V, above the bar Clam cleat tuning. The push away quick release features a below the bar hand swivel with integrated travel guard and the bar features tuneable outside lines under the floats and retractable winding bungees. Testers liked the bar’s lightly stamped firm grip with a gentle taper towards a thicker diameter in the center of the bar.