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RRD Addiction MKV
Sizes Available: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19m
Sizes Tested: 19m

RRD Says:

To get a racing engine to work to 100% of its potential you need lot’s of design time, protos to test and I must say that never have I seen the testing team more dedicated to the task of designing an unbeatable kite. In order to maximize the efficiency of the profile we have reduced even further the diameter of each strut to be adapted to the new flatter foil shape compared to the previous years’ version. We avoided the one pump system so these thinner struts can be inflated to a higher pressure. Stiffer struts in combination with a new flatter profile and new bridle design has allowed us to improve the wind window penetration of the kite and further improve the upwind performance.
All the characteristics we created in a pure blooded racing kite, make the Addiction also a fantastic light wind machine for twin tips or K-free riders when the wind is marginal and when it’s blowing there is no higher jumping kites in our range if you want to beat your record.

Visit for more info: https://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/equipment/shop/addiction-mkv/

Our Testers Say:

“The Addiction is a race kite that works well on a twin tip as well as a course board. This kite jams up wind with ease and never wants to fall out of the sky, but with seven struts and no one pump system it takes a little longer to inflate. Great ultra light wind race kite that will get you out there when no one else is on the water,” Clint Sterba.


TKB Says:

The Addiction is a high aspect 7-strut race kite that received a number of design tweaks as well as a new sizing in this latest version. With a multitude of struts and no one pump system, inflating the 19m is not for the lazy, but the combination of lower weight and a rigid air frame deliver light wind results that will put you on the water as soon as the wind starts blowing. Testers gave the Addiction high praise for its light to medium bar pressure, super stability and excellent upwind performance. The Addiction likes to sit on the edge of the window and rocket upwind regardless of which board you are riding and like many race designs, its power kicks in as it builds apparent wind and delivers good boosting for such a large kite in such low winds.


The Addiction came with the Race Bar V2 which features an extra long trim rope for keeping the tuning control in your hand while riding. The Addiction’s bar features a push away quick release, plastic depower/throw line, center routed double center line safety depower, above bar tuning Clam Cleat, adjustable length bar ends (47, 56cm) and unique low stretch rigid thread flying lines. Testers liked the simple push away quick release, the race sheeting system and the overall clean yet functional layout of the bar.