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AIRUSH Lithium Zero
Sizes Available: 18m
Sizes Tested: 18m

Airush Says:

As the do-all kite in the Airush range, the Lithium has been proven to meet the requirements of riders looking to do a bit of everything from freeride, jumping, looping and waves. With amazing park power, stability and ease of use, the Lithium is simply the perfect kite.

The Lithium Zero brings the same Lithium freeride flying characteristics to the extreme light wind category. With an innovative strutless design, this kite’s build is focused on reducing weight in the overall construction.

Visit for more info: https://www.airush.com/2015/kites/lithium/

Our Testers Say:

“2015 is an entirely new story for the Lithium Zero – last year it tended to drag me downwind but this year’s design got me going in next to nothing and went upwind really well. It was too light to test its jumping abilities but I’m sure it would do ok and it was easy to pump up too!” Clint Sterba.


TKB Says:

The Lithium Zero returns for its second year as the biggest strutless kite in the test with slight structural changes and most noticeably a new large diameter inflation system for a much quicker pump up. Testers found the 2015 Zero to offer some of the most low-end power of our test, with respectable turning speed for its size and a minimum of canopy luffing for a strutless kite of this size. Tester’s praised the Zero for its quick access to low-end pull and it’s comfortable light to medium bar pressure.


The Lithium Zero comes with the Smart Bar 6 which offers 4 telescoping length settings (62-55-52-45cm) in one bar, a plastic depower/throw line, sliding stopper, single center-line safety depower, low V, above the bar depower strap with extension handles and a compact push away quick release with a below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a quick release guard. The Tkb testers liked the durability of the plastic coated depower/throw line that integrates an adjustable stopper for cruise control. A few reviewers commented on the busy depower handles, but the tuning controls and strap worked very well and allow for the winning combo of larger adjustable length throw and above the bar tuning. The telescoping bar is incredibly easy to adjust but we recommend making changes when you’re on land as the bar ends can be completely removed. The Tkb testers also liked the density of the bar grip with raised bumps, and while one tester commented on the smaller size of the hand swivel, this compact quick release design keeps the throw close to the rider. Overall, this bar received very high marks for its features, function and comfort.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.airush.com/2015/kites/smartbar-6/