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OZONE Chrono
Sizes Available: 9, 12, 15, 18m
Sizes Tested: 15m

Ozone Says:

Powerful, fast and consistently forward flying, the Chrono is a light wind freeride boosting machine that also excels in racing on the water, land or snow. The Chrono’s lightweight double surface design is combined with a high-aspect ratio of 7.0 and an incredible 47 cells, resulting in extreme flight efficiency.

The aspect ratio has been calculated to be an optimum match with the profile for maximum performance. A high number of cells mean the ribs are positioned close together, creating ultra smooth surfaces with less drag and maintaining a clean profile. The Leading Edge is reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow.

Visit for more info: https://ozonekites.com/products/water-kites/chrono/

Our Testers Say:

“As a dedicated inflatable kiter, this was my first chance to fly a ram air/foil for the first time and I certainly found myself in new territory. Small tricks like using the dangling brake to stall the kite and inflate the wingtips upon release were counter intuitive at first, but once you learn how this foil likes to be flown, it is truly the ultimate light wind weapon,” Brendan Richards.


TKB Says:

We tested the Chrono in the lightest of wind with the assistance of a foilboard. The Chrono’s killer advantage was that in the sub 6-knot lulls, its super light airframe (no Dacron, zero struts nor inflatable infrastructure) can keep you moving, but more importantly, it will stay overhead if you stop. The turning response on a foil is nowhere near what you get with an inflatable, and the high aspect shape requires the kite to move across the window before it will generate power. As a result, it takes a little to get used to. After your first couple of power strokes, you learn to anticipate the incredible amount of power that the foil generates once it has built some apparent wind and your mind adjusts to the slower and much larger steering radius of the foil design. The Chrono flies very far forward in the window for unparalleled upwind ability. We recommend this kite for those that are willing to sacrifice the crisp sheet in and go feel of inflatables for the clear benefit of light wind power and the ability to fly in the lightest of wind while the remainder of your friends are sitting on the beach.


This kite comes with the Chrono Freeride Control System (45, 50, 55cm). This clean yet functional bar features a single center line safety depower, plastic coated depower/throw line, and an above bar depower cleat. The push away quick release features a hand operated quick release swivel that doubles as a travel guard. This bar comes with a floating brake that drapes from one outside line to the other and can be used to reverse hot launch, as well as stall the kite to help inflate the wingtips upon launch.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://ozonekites.com/products/control-systems/chrono-freeride-control-system/