WOO Sports Says:

Put your riding on a global stage – with your WOO tracker you can share, compare and compete with kiters worldwide via the WOO App. Simply clip the sensor onto your board and go ride. The WOO tracks every jump, including jump height, airtime, and more! Everyone from local first-timers to international pros are posting their sessions and sharing their stoke. Join the community and see how you stack up on the WOO Leaderboards.

WOO Sensor, Mount and Charger $199.99

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TKB Says:

We called upon big air specialist Bille Kipling to help us review the WOO Tracker. Bille is the 2015 La Ventana Windfest freestyle winner and the 2015 Lord of Wind overall open class men’s winner.


Bille puts the WOO to the test on his home turf in Canada. Photo: Christopher Curran

I was excited when Tkb contacted me to review the new WOO Tracker. We were hoping to check out the new device at the 2015 Lord of the Wind event in January but logistics prevented the company from sending them out in time.

My first impression upon receiving the package was, “Is that all it is?!”  The WOO tracker comes in a three-piece package:

  • A board mount that can either be attached by adhesive or by screwing it directly to the inserts on your board
  • USB charging cable
  • The WOO device

First, you have to download the app via the Apple store. I have an iPhone, which is a good thing because the app only works on iPhone 4S/IOS 7and higher models/systems. WOO says that an Android/PC app is in the works but as of now, no definitive date has been set for its release.

The app is super user friendly. You will need to set up an account regardless of whether you have a WOO or not to see what’s going on in the leaderboards. I found it fairly easy to navigate around and  connected to the WOO via Bluetooth without a single glitch. Tip: Make sure your WOO is 100% charged for accuracy and best results. WOO says the device will last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

From here it’s even easier! Just attach your board mount to your board, click the WOO Tracker into it, and turn it on when you’re ready to start your session by holding the button until the green light blinks. Start recording with a quick push on the button until it blinks red and when you’re done riding, stop recording with a quick push on the button until it blinks green.

Post session or anytime you want to see your results, just open the app and go to “MY WOO” to download your session. You can make a few notes about it, snap a cover photo of your spot and set your location. After you save the session, it gets uploaded automatically to the WOO leaderboards. Tip: Rinse and dry your WOO to protect it from the salt water, much like when you rinse your lines. Also WOO only takes 90min to charge so if you have a car USB charger, plug it in en route to the beach and should be ready to go for a full day of kiting!

woo leaderboard

I think the WOO Tracker is a great product but there is room for improvement. I did question the accuracy as it relies on accelerometers and is not GPS based. I thought I was significantly higher than 35 feet on one of my jumps. WOO put out a firmware update in April 2015 in order to fix the accuracy problem. It seems to be more precise and consistent than when I first tested it in March but I need more time with it on the water to confirm this. Right now the WOO only measures jump height and hangtime but I think the app has potential for bigger things such as total measurements to date, achievements, trophies, and a more robust social platform to name a few. I am excited to see what the next firmware update will bring to the product.

Overall, I think its a super fun toy and pretty neat that with the WOO tracker, it’s basically a big air competition 24 hours a day anywhere in the world!” 

 The WOO Tracker was featured in the Vol 12, No 2. Summer Issue Wish List department of The Kiteboarder Magazine. WOO has an exciting 1.7 software update which will roll out in the next week with awesome new features including landing force, spot leaderboards and more. Download the app for free and check it out!