Liquid Force invites women from around the globe to contribute, collaborate and explore the 
potential of women-specific products in kiteboarding.

The Women’s Kite Collective (“The Collective”) was launched by Liquid Force Kiteboarding as a collaborative and proactive measure to determine the demands and trends for women’s kiteboarding products. The Collective aims to engage women and inspire discussion via an open Facebook Page as well as through a 3-day focus group style event.

The First Annual Women’s Kite Collective week will take place in Hatteras, May 6-9, 2015 and is open to female applicants over 21. The event invites independent /self-sufficient kiteboarders to apply to attend this ground-breaking event and contribute to the conversation surrounding women’s kiteboarding products.


Historically, kiteboarding products have been designed and developed without proper market research on women’s needs in the sport. Some women’s kiteboarding products have been developed based on input from female team riders, but this input can be influenced and skewed by the fact that the rider does not pay for the product.

Liquid Force aims to gather feedback from female retail consumers and key opinion leaders alike as part of the Women’s Kite Collective. Do women want pink boards and flowery harnesses? Do they need their own bar or footstraps? Or does it even warrant the resources and money to come up with separate kiteboarding products for women at all? These are some examples of topics that will be discussed and explored at The Collective event in May.

Liquid Force Kiteboarding asked industry influencers Tonia Farman and Sensi Graves to lead The Women’s Kite Collective.

“I’m excited for this project because it’s based on input from a diverse reach of real women who buy their gear, vs. the pros who don’t. There can be a significant difference in opinion surrounding product development when it’s dependent on whether you’ll pay for that product or not. I think we’ll get some very honest input from women with The Kite Collective.” – Tonia Farman


Tonia Farman started teaching kiteboarding in 2004 and soon thereafter founded the Women’s Kiteboarding Association as a channel to inspire women to learn to kiteboard and progress safely. Tonia traveled and hosted kiteboarding clinics, promoting the sport to many women along the way. Her kite school, Cascade Kiteboarding, evolved out of her women’s kite clinics and has since grown to the largest on the west coast, with 15 full-time instructors. She is co-founder and event director for Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, and continues to serve as a positive role model in the kite community.

Sensi Graves worked as a kiteboarding instructor at Real Watersports and is now a team rider for Liquid Force Kiteboarding. She is the designer/owner behind Sensi Graves Bikinis and an active fundraiser with Athletes 4 Cancer, the organization behind Kiteboarding 4 Cancer. She travels, writes, competes and works as an ambassador for the kite community. In 2011, Sensi launched the Sunset Swim Charity fashion show, raising over $18,000 to date for Athletes 4 Cancer’s Camp Koru Young Survivorship Program.

Those interested in applying to The Collective event must be independent, competent kiteboarders, and must bring their own gear. There will be opportunities for demo’ing gear, but the main focus is on discussing topics based on gear participants are already comfortable riding.

Interested women can apply here.  (also accessible via the “Sign Up” link on this Facebook page.)

Application submissions are due by April 1.
Selected attendees will be announced by April 6.

To read more about The Women’s Kite Collective, visit their facebook page!
Want more information on Liquid Force Kiteboarding? Visit www.LiquidForceKites.com

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