Lift Says:

Our foils represent years of design and tuning in order to create the optimal ride. Our goal has been to maximize control and stability while increasing the potential for speed. In the process, we have developed a range of designs to suite any rider’s needs, whether you are new to the sport or looking for the next thrill.

A hydrofoil experiences great loads while being ridden, and for this reason, construction is critical. Our process and construction includes the latest technology and materials in the composite industry. We spare nothing in order to ensure that our foils have the proper strength, weight and deflection characteristics.

For info visit: https://www.mhlcustom.com/lift.html

TKB Says:

Foilboarding is not new to kiteboarding by any means, but the evolution of racing and freeride foilboards is finally hitting its stride with significant advancements in construction and performance in the last couple of years. One of the key players in this latest foilboard renaissance is Nick Leason of Lift Hydrofoil, leading the way with a bolt together mast and fuselage designed for easy travel. Based out of Puerto Rico, Nick and his team have been quietly innovating their freeride foilboard designs with rapid changes in construction, mast and wing design every year.


For 2015 the Lift foil received an entirely new design for the mast and fuselage connection as well as completely redesigned wings. The fueselage/strut morphed from a hectagon shape in 2014 to a triangular fuselage for 2015. The junction between the mast and the fuselage seems to be very strong and stiff and is easily assembled. The 2014/2015 masts are about the same height (approx 39″) but the wing’s shape have changed completely. The 2015 wing has a more rounded outline and the 2014 winglets have been replaced by a consistent concave bend in the wing’s span. Later this spring, the Lift will come with additional wings that will range from super stable to race wings to fit all rider’s needs.

Overall, the 2015 Lift setup feels exceptionally efficient through the water with a range of performance that meets the needs of both the first-time foiler and the more advanced riders out there. The 2015 is incredibly stable in the yaw and roll axis’, but most importantly, it’s very predictable in the pitch axis which is really helpful for the first time foiler who is struggling with aggressive up and down “porpoising” that is common at the early stages. The Lift feels very crisp with your inputs and when ridden with strong inputs, the foil responds with precision and control.

The 2015 Board has a nice wide template with a large pad which makes it easy to spread your feet out and control the foil through transitions. The mast mounts to the board using a track system which offers a tremendous amount of customization for balancing the foil’s position on the board. This is particularly useful when riding with straps. Probably the most important feature of the board is the chined/beveled rails. As the rider is edging hard upwind, the foilboard is rolled over on its side, and the rail can occasionally hit the water. A standard surf rail will tend to grab the water, pivoting the board and throwing your weight out of balance. The beveled/chined rail on the 2015 is much more forgiving because in this situation it will bounce off the water without disturbing the yaw and pitch of the board. The straps can be set up in the standard parallel surf configuration or with a ducked three strap windsurfing setting.

Compared to the previous year’s foil, the 2015 feels a bit faster on the top end but also feels as if it foils-up at a slightly lower speed than the 2014. The foil feels a little more reactive on the horizontal yaw and vertical pitch axis’ so the foil takes a little less input from the rider compared to the 2014, but it still feels quite stable and easy to use. Additionally, the 2015 mast and fuselage might feel a bit stiffer for better performance and when you pump the 2015 wing, it feels as if generates more drive than the 2014. Overall, the 2015 feels like a very nice balance of performance, efficiency and user-friendly handling. In writing this review we had the rare opportunity to ride the 2013 and 2014 Lift foils at the same time, which is a window into the evolution of the freeride foil. If our staff had a choice, the 2015 Lift foilboard would be the one we would take home and recommend to our friends.

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