Slingshot dropped a super-short edit this week featuring one of our favorite kiters in the industry. In just 55 seconds flat, team rider Eric Rienstra makes a compelling case in favor of recent design changes, which he says will make the Fuel a great kite for riders at various levels in 2015.

Here’s what Slingshot says:

“The Fuel has one of the longest legacy’s in kiteboarding. Known around the world for being one of the premiere C kites on the market, the name Fuel is synonymous with power, aggressive riding, loaded loops and lofty airs. For 2015 we aimed to extend the Fuel’s legacy. We wanted to add a few more synonyms to the Fuels description; rapid relaunch, precision turning, extended range all came to mind. The result? The nitrous bridle. An intuitive solution to extend the Fuel’s performance to everyone. The Fuel isn’t just a performance powerhouse anymore, it can be an all around solution to anyone looking to have the most fun on the water. Still looking for that un-compromised performance? The bridle is easily removed and the classic Fuel performance reinstated.”

For more information on the 2015 Fuel, visit Slingshot’s website.

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