Collegiate Kiteboarding Association West Coast Tour Stop #1: Pismo Beach

Read up on the event here.

Congratulations to all the riders who placed:

Men’s Surf (Advanced)
1st Teddy Lyons
2nd Sean Mertens
3rd Matt Elsasser
4th Pike Harris
5th Alden Simmer
6th Brendan Kerr

Men’s Freestyle (Advanced)
1st Brendan Kerr
2nd Matt Elsasser
3rd Alden Simmer
4th Sean Mertens
5th Brodie Sutherland

Women’s Surf (Advanced)
1st Caitlyn Kinney
2nd Gabby Dittenhofer

Special thanks to Brendan Kerr for the edit.

See you at Tour Stop #2 in Hood River, May 15-17!