The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association finished off its first Pacific Coast contest held in Pismo Beach, California, with two great windy days in a row. Conditions ranged from 20 to 25 knots for the final day of the event making for ideal conditions to run the Freestyle portion of the contest and the last heat of the Surf division. 


The Cal Poly contingent of kiteboarders came out in full force for the second day and showed they are every bit as dedicated as their East Coast counterparts. Pike Harris, Alden SimmerMatt Elsasser and Brendan Kerr were the last four men standing in the final rounds of the Freestyle event.


With the sun starting to set in the late afternoon, each man knew what needed to be done and went out on the water going for broke. As the clock ticked down during the final minutes of the heat, Brendan Kerr came out victorious with his scorecard having a Slim Chance, Back Mobe and Flat 3.


The final two spots of the surf division were set the day before with Sean Mertens taking second place and Teddy Lyons taking first. All that was needed was one heat to determine third and forth place. Pike Harris and Matt Elsasser went into the surf in battle-mode as the sun was setting late in the day. Both riders set out to hunt down as many waves as time would allow, going blow for blow. Elsasser got the better wave faces and ripped them into shreds, propelling him into a third place finish.

Conditions look similar for next week’s Pismo Kitexpo April 10-12. The next stop on the CKA tour will be in Hood River, Oregon. Click here for more info.


Final Results:

1. Teddy Lyons (Cal Poly)
2. Sean Mertens (Cal Poly)
3. Matt Elsasser (Cal Poly)
4. Pike Harris (Cal Poly)
5. Alden Simmer (Cal Poly)
6. Brendan Kerr (Cal Poly)

1. Brendan Kerr (Cal Poly)
2. Matt Elsasser (Cal Poly)
3. Alden Simmer (Cal Poly)
4. Zac Baxter (alumni Cuesta)
5. Sean Mertens (Cal Poly)
6. Brodie Sutherland (Cal Poly)

1. Caitlyn Kinney (Cal Poly)
2. Gabby Dittenhofer (Cal Poly)

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