Sizes Available: 132, 135, 138, 141cm
Sizes Tested: 138cm

North Says:

The X-Ride is one of the best selling boards, many riders from all over the world love the way it handles on the water. The board is designed to be ridden about 3cm longer than a standard board. This gives you an increased rocker line, which makes the X-Ride really smooth, no matter how choppy the water is. The shape and length combine with the specially designed freeride fins to give you unsurpassed upwind performance and grip. The board is also perfect for carving smooth turns; plenty of riders use the X-Ride as their wave board. Fantastic for whatever style of riding you want to enjoy, waves, freeride, freestyle, the X-Ride can handle it all, it is the ultimate all around kiteboard!

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Our Testers Say:

“Very good board to have in choppy conditions with secure and highly customizable pads and straps,” John Steimle.

“Good looking board, carves really well with good load and pop, very fun to ride,“ Marko Bartscherer.

“Great in the chop, no water spray, good upwind ability, lots of flex and smooth in landings with comfortable straps,” Ernesto Lucero.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The X-Ride is North’s freeride/performance board which features a single concave bottom and larger fins for solid tracking and great upwind performance. The X-Ride has a track system to suit a wide range of finely tuned stance widths as well as a large amount of adjustment for stance duck. Testers were impressed with the X-Ride’s ability to handle La Ventana’s super choppy conditions with really good upwind performance. Testers liked the X-Ride’s extra grip compared to the Jaime and commented on the X-Ride’s fun carving performance which makes it a great all around freeride board for the person that does a little bit of everything. The X-Ride came with the Entity pads and strap system which offers four zonal adjustments for the strap, as well as a unique option to widen the stance of the strap for bigger feet. Testers gave the pads and straps high praise for their outstanding comfort, secure feel and extensive adjustability.


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