NAISH Motion
Sizes Available: 134, 138, 142cm
Sizes Tested: 138 x 41.5cm

Naish Says:

The Motion is for riders looking for unrivaled versatility in one “do it all” design. This board offers everything from freeride and freestyle performance to twin tip waveriding functionality.

The Motion’s surface area, full rocker, beveled tunnel edges and responsive flex provide balanced power, superior edging, soft landings and a smooth ride in chop. Its solid pop and directional stability help riders of all abilities take their riding to the next level.

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Our Testers Say:

“The skatey feel made for a fun playful ride, and the footpads were like riding on pillows,” Aaron Stephens.

“Great in the chop, love the feel of the pads and straps,” Michael Doucet.

“Really good pop with lots of rocker and still goes upwind with super comfy straps,” Stan Mihaylov.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Motion is Naish’s high performance freeride twin tip which combines a higher rocker with a triple concave and substantial bottom shaping into the tips. The Motion comes with three inserts for adjusting stance width and tons of adjustment for fine-tuning duck stance. Testers gave the Motion high praise for its ability to slice through the aggressive Baja chop with a smooth yet playful feel. The higher rocker puts the Motion on the skatier side, but the substantial bottom shape helps the high performance shape when on edge and this board still goes upwind for such a performance-oriented design. The Motion’s flex pattern delivers explosive load and pop for more aggressive riders and is really easy on the knees when landing. Testers gave the straps and pads high marks for comfort with a really plush feel and deep contour for a secure feel. The straps have four Velcro adjustments for fine tuning the tension over the top of your foot for just the right fit.


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