CABRINHA Secret Weapon
Sizes Available: 5’2”, 5’6”, 5’10”
Sizes Tested: 5’6”

Cabrinha Says:

The Secret Weapon is a modern spin on a retro-surf design with our new ultra durable eco-cork bamboo layup. The bamboo sandwich construction features a super light (25kg per cubic meter) EPS core and bamboo reinforcement layer on both the top and bottom of the board. The rounded nose and wide tail make this board extremely friendly to ride in real world conditions. It is fast and lively on waves of any size. The aggressive swallow tail and quad fin configuration gives this board its edge and attitude. The Secret Weapon is excellent at making the most out of sub-par wind and surf conditions. Even when the surf is flat, the Secret Weapon becomes the ideal board to throw down your freestyle game.

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Our Testers Say:

“Super fun and easy for off the lip aerials, relatively lightweight for a production board and great for practicing flat rotations.” Brendan Richards

“Super easy to jibe, skatey, very playful in choppy conditions,” Courtney Feldt.

“Good looking, well built surfboard that feels great underfoot and works really well in the light wind conditions,” Michael Doucet.

Meet the 2015 TKB Test Team

TKB Says:

The Secret Weapon was the only surfboard in our test but on the lower wind days and the few times we had wind swell this board was in high demand. With a lightweight build, fuller nose and wider tail, the Secret Weapon is quick to plane in lighter wind, and the quad fin setup feels fast and playful in the smaller surf. Testers noted the Secret Weapon’s excellent upwind ability, but like most surfboards, the Secret Weapon required extra attention on edging in extremely windy and choppy conditions. The Secret Weapon was fun to pump down the line and easy to connect with the lip for solid airs. The cutoff nose and lower weight makes this board easy to manage in the air and the perfectly placed deck pad makes the footwork on both beginner and advanced strapless moves much easier. We rode the Secret Weapon strapless and overall, testers recommended the Secret Weapon as a great surfboard for light wind freeriding and beginner to advanced strapless freestyle.


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