Foilcup_taggert presentation

Matt Taggart from Ozone presenting the new R1 race kite.

The 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup kicked off with a two-day Expo on March 22 and 23 where various brands presented their newest designs and thoughts on the future of foil kites and boards for racing, kitesurfing and freeriding. Highlights included Matt Taggart’s presentation from Ozone where he unveiled the R1, the company’s newest race kite; F-One’s Nico Ostermann who presented the brand’s new foilboard and ram air race kite; and Flysurfer’s Armin Harich who talked about their new kite race kite design, also a ram air. Additionally, Chip Wasson from F4 spoke about F4’s newest foil designs and Taroaa showed off the new Taaroa Sword2.

F-One’s new ram race kite.

Day 1 of the 2015 KiteFoil Gold Cup started on Wednesday, March 24 with blue skies and light winds with most competitors on their biggest kites. Of the 58 kites on the water, only three were on inflatables, a sharp contrast to the previous year where Maxime Nocher won the event on a North Dyno.


The KiteFoil Gold Cup is hosted by Playa Central Kiteboarding.

At the start of race 2, a big tangle at the back of the pack may affect cumulative results and race three ended with the wind dying after only 13 competitors had crossed the finish line.

No livestream is available for the event as the internet is spotty in La Ventana. Hopefully, the fiber will be up and running for next year!

Radical beveled rails on Mike's Lab newest foilboard design.

Radical beveled rails on Mike’s Lab newest foilboard design.

Adam Koch on F4 foilboard.

Adam Koch on F4 foilboard.


  1. Julien Kerneur (Airush)
  2. Nicole Parlier (Spotz)
  3. Maxime Nocher (F-One)
  4. Johnny Heineken (Ozone)

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