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There’s a buzz in the air about Ozone’s upcoming release of the new R1 high-performance foil race kite. This month, they released a video sneak-peek of their new product, and had this to say about it’s development:

Last year the Ozone Chrono shattered many expectations of using a foil kite on the water and the new R1 is again another leap in pure performance and speed.  During the design process of the Chrono, we made leaps in performance with some wild prototypes that made the testing days a lot of crazy speed-filled fun. Out of the prototypes, we have managed to develop an out and out race kite that we are calling the R1. This will be for all the racers out there who want nothing but the fastest kite to ride. Stay tuned for more details to come! 

For more details on the R1, visit Ozone’s website at www.ozonekitesusa.com