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Nobile is a family-run company established in 2004 by Dariusz Rosiak. The Nobile office as well as their kiteboard factory is in the same building so the company has direct control over their manufacturing process and unlimited prototyping possibilities. With 20 boards, two snowkite-specific boards and five kites in their 2015 collection, Jesse Stewart of Nobile’s new North American distribution team fills us in on the highlights of the line.

This year Nobile is offering five different kites. What type of rider is each of the 2015 kites meant for? We have the T5 which was newly redesigned for this year. The T5 is designed for riders looking for an easy to fly freeride and wave kite. The 50Fifty remains the same design as last year, with the added improvement of a high flow inflate valve. The 50Fifty is a 4-line C-kite for performance freestyle and wakestyle riding. New this year, we added the Mr. Big which is our answer to increasing your days on the water. The Mr. Big is a 17m light wind freeride kite that just rips upwind. We also have a 4-line 3.5m trainer kite; it has all the performance of its larger counterparts, but reinforced for those just learning to fly the kite.

The T5 received a significant redesign over the previous year. What can riders expect from this year’s improvements? This year the T5 underwent a full redesign. The pulleys were removed from the bridle to give the kite a more direct feel and better control. We added a wide inflate valve this year to allow for easier pumping. There was also a redesigned canopy which increased the wind range and has allowed the kite to drift better in the waves. We also changed the wingtips this year to allow for even better turning speed.


Have you made any changes to the 2015 Trust bar? If not, what are its most interesting features? The design of the trust bar remains the same as 2014 but we modified the materials in order to improve the quality and durability of the bar. As with last year, the quick release design allows for the rider to easily reconnect the chicken loop in the water after blowing the safety.

Nobile has a broad range of twin tip boards from entry-level to advanced performance shapes. What are the models offered for this year and which style of riding are they designed for? This year, our collection includes five product lines: Uniao, Pro, Separa, Beleza and Pico.

Uniao: The encounter is universal. It can be anything. Just like the circle meets many triangles, one person meets countless people throughout his/her life. This board might be your first but definitely not last encounter with kiteboarding. In this line up we have the NBL, a freeride board designed for the beginner rider. The T5, the modern version of the 555, is an all-around freeride board, that can take you from your first few rides to your first jumps. To get you out on light wind days, we have the Flying Carpet. If you are looking for a fun strapless challenge we also have our Skimboard, which is a fun way to get out and play in light wind too.

Pro: The capital city of Brazil – Brasilia – and its symbol: The building of national congress, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Thanks to this board you will feel like a Brazilian pro rider. This line starts off with the NHP, an intermediate through advanced freeride and freestyle board. This model also comes in a carbon construction version. The 2HD is a top of the line freeride board that excels in flat water. The XTR (extra) is a light wind version of our NHP designed to spice up your light wind sessions. The 50Fifty is an advanced freestyle/wakestyle board that has been specifically designed to prevent knee injuries that can be caused by riding hard in boots. The Infinity is our take on a kite-specific surfboard. It is is designed to be ridden hard in the waves, but will also give you light wind performance.

Separa: Separa means separation. The board creates the scenery. We connect the sky and ocean horizons, and begin the adventure. When we stop riding, this adventure will end – just like the scenery on the separated board which becomes incomplete. The split boards are your option if you want to travel. They are the only splits on the market that have zero loss in performance. In this line we have the NHP Split, the Flying Carpet Split and the Infinity Split. Each of these boards comes in our standard construction as well as full carbon construction for those riders who want the performance and lighter weight of carbon.

Beleza: At first glance the symbols are mysterious. Just like the nature of women. She feels, she speaks. Lips and heart. This board will help you to express the unspoken. Beleza is our women’s version of the T5 and the NHP. They are available in smaller sizes and are designed with more flex to account for lighter weight riders.

Pico: The way down from the mountain is steep and winding, while the peak itself seems to be inaccessible. It looks like running to the very end, with no limits. The board is also for those who are not afraid to reach for the sky. We have two snowkite-specific snowboards in the lineup. The NHP and the RC1000. The NHP is a freeride board for ripping up the snow and the RC1000 is designed for racing and all around just going fast.


How should a performance freestyle rider choose between the pro versions of the 50/Fifty, NHP and 2HD twin tips? The 2HD is an advanced, very fast freeride board. It really excels in flat water and gives substantial pop for big airs. The NHP and 50/Fifty are both designed for more freestyle/ wakestyle riding than the 2HD. The NHP should be the go to board for anyone who wants the benefits of great pop and wakestyle riding, but still wants some of the flexibility and upwind ability of a freeride board. The 50/Fifty is geared towards the rider looking for the best in wakestyle performance and gives the rider the option of riding boots.



What are the various construction technologies you use throughout your line of boards and how does each material contribute to the board’s performance? All of our boards use a wood core for the best performance. Our Uniao line uses a wood core with a triaxial glass fiber construction. Many of the boards in this line also feature an asymmetrical shape which allows for easier toeside carves and our ApS system which allows for higher torsion resistance. The Pro line features a wood core with honeycomb on the heelside. They feature carbon/Kevlar X stringers that provide even higher torsion resistance. The carbon boards in the lineup feature a wood and Airex core wrapped in carbon to create the lightest boards in the lineup.

Nobile is the leader in bringing the split board technology to the kiteboarding market. How has the split board technology evolved in 2015 and how does the performance and feel compare to the non-split versions? While there were slight tweaks to the shapes of the Split boards for 2015, the construction remains unchanged. The Nobile Split boards have no loss in performance. The NHP Split is 20% more flexible than the standard NHP which allows it to be accessible to all riders. It is the perfect travel companion for everyone. The Flying Carpet Split is unchanged and is the ideal light wind board. Finally, we have the Infinity Split, the ultimate travel board for strapless riding.