Lift Says:

Our foils represent years of design and tuning in order to create the optimal ride. Our goal has been to maximize control and stability while increasing the potential for speed. In the process, we have developed a range of designs to suite any rider’s needs, whether you are new to the sport or looking for the next thrill.

A hydrofoil experiences great loads while being ridden, and for this reason, construction is critical. Our process and construction includes the latest technology and materials in the composite industry. We spare nothing in order to ensure that our foils have the proper strength, weight and deflection characteristics.

For info visit: https://www.mhlcustom.com/lift.html

Tkb Says:

Looking back at the 2013 Lift foilboard, it featured a low aspect front wing, a shorter mast (33-1/4 inches) and a shorter fuselage. Compared to Lift’s more modern designs, the 2013 model foils up at a lower speed but hits the high speed barrier relatively quick compared to the newer Lift foils. The 2013 tends to be much more fidgety on all axis’, e.g. pitch, yaw and roll compared to newer models. The shorter length mast makes pitch control much more important for the rider to master. Despite this board’s ‘twitchy’ controls, it has a very efficient and clean feel through the water compared to other low aspect freeride foils on the market. The 2013 board has a very simple and narrow carbon fiber board, with four threaded inserts for mounting the mast and five settings for the front and back footstraps in the standard parallel surf layout. The board is relatively lightweight but doesn’t feature the beveled rails that come with the 2014/1015 boards.

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