Once again the F-ONE team heads off to discover new landscapes and experience a series of extraordinary adventures. F-One Founder, Raphaël Salles, puts on his captain’s hat once again and sets sail to Tahiti for 25 days, aboard two catamarans with a crew of faithful sidekicks and newcomers alike. What they find is pure Tahitian magic: a place where sharing and wisdom are common values; wild and powerful nature, with the force of the ocean ever-present. Join riders Mitu Monteiro, Poenaiki Raioha, Robinson HIlario, Micka Fernandez, Marie Switala, Aude Lionet Chanfour, Alexandre Caizergues, Filippe Ferreira, Manutea Monnier, Rémi Quique, Patrice Chanzy on this absolute must-see journey.

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