FCS and Slingshot announced a new partnership this week, which will make Slingshot the first kiteboarding company to use the new keyless FCS II system in their kite boards.  Slingshot and FCS share many of the same brand values, and over the past 15 years, both companies have introduced quality innovations that change the way people ride.

“The response from the kiteboarding community has been very positive regarding the progression and innovation that the FCS II x Slingshot partnership has brought to the kiteboarding market” , says Slingshot

fcs-ii-slingshot-kite 2


The recessed leading edge and flush base connection of the FCS system has an incredible impact on kite board performance. In windy and/or choppy conditions this feature improves water flow and creates a seamless connection between the fins and the board. This enables the rider to go upwind more efficiently, and provides faster and better overall board response.

Additionally, the FCS II system fins can be attached and removed in seconds, making it easier and faster to customize the performance of the board. This feature makes for a huge advantage when traveling or transporting equipment; simply pop the fins out and go. One of Slingshot’s most popular models, the Angry Swallow, has a 5 fin set up, so now it’s possible to explore the benefits of switching between a quad and a thruster with minimal hassle and effort.


The FCS II System is currently available on the 2015 Slingshot range of kiteboards including; Tyrant, Celeritas, T-REX Screamer, and as a tri-quad setup on the popular T-REX Angry Swallow.

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