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Last July, producer Seth Warren joined adventurer Kirk Hollis, to attempt a 500-mile, self-supported standup paddle and kiteboarding adventure in the Quirimbas Archipelago of Mozambique. On-the-ground realities quickly catalyzed a major shift to the mission’s scope, which concentrated their efforts in the Quirimbas Archipelago of NE Mozambique.

Sadly, the trip was cut short by a medical emergency (Read the full story here). Seth returned home with a different – yet equally compelling story to tell… but it was the glimpse of what he’d barely just begun to explore in the Quirimbas that held his attention. He knew he’d be back.

On July 9th, Seth, who is the founder and director of Elements Mixed Media, will return to the Quirimbas to lead a team of six athletes and artists on a downwind kiteboarding adventure through one of the most remote coastlines in Eastern Africa.

Fueled exclusively by the southerly Kusini (nicknamed “Kuzi”) trade wind that pushes wind and swell north along the east coast of Africa, the team will embark on a 160-mile journey visiting over 20 islands. They will travel aboard Inshallah, a traditional Mozambican wooden dhow boat. The 13-meter, Lamu-constructed boat was designed as a lifestyle vessel combining comfort and a “Robinson Crusoe” look and feel with the best navigational technology and an elite crew. The boat will serve as the team’s base camp as they explore these seldom seen islands, ancient African cultures & unexplored oceanic playgrounds.

The downwind adventure will dissect a labyrinth of sand dunes in the middle of the Indian Ocean that are enveloped daily by a 3-meter tide. The team and crew will be challenged to navigate through these massive tidal changes, intense currents and some beefy swell in order to access the nooks and crannies of the hidden Mozambican coastline and adjacent islands.

Seth Warren is a seasoned adventurer and will serve as the producer, creative director and expedition leader of an international cast of characters, including Katy Garton as the camerawoman & co-filmmaker, and four of kiteboarding’s best personalities. Professional kiteboarders and Naish team members – Hope Levin from Turks & Caicos, and Jalou Langeree of the Netherlands – will be joined by Jake Kinney and Russell Reed from the United States.

The KUZI Project is presented by Patagonia, Naish Kiteboarding, Outside Television, and Ibo Island Lodge.

For more information, visit www.elementsmixedmedia.com.

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