Polar Pro Filters Says:

Save $29.99 when ordering all three of these filters and lenses together. We combine our most popular filters in this package including the Polarizer, Neutral Density, and the Macro Lens. All of these filters slide securely onto the Hero3+ waterproof housing. It is super easy to swap out filters while filming by simply pulling them off and pushing them on.

All filters are part of our brand new line and feature even stronger and more optically clear glass. Even the Macro got a makeover and is now even more powerful. This is a solid set of filters and covers a wide range of applications.

Polar Pro 3 Pack: $59.99

TKB Says:

Tkb contributing photographer Hunter Kilpatrick and Slingshot team rider Patrick Rebstock helped us review this product.

Review from Hunter Kilpatrick:

As a DSLR photographer, I have been anxious to explore the world of GoPro photography. When shooting with my DSLR, I try to get my shot without a lot of post-production editing. The Polar Pro Venture Series of attachments allows us to do just that to a degree one can’t achieve with a GoPro alone.

The neutral density filter provides a way to effectively reduce your depth of field and allows you to achieve the sense of movement in your shots while keeping your target in full focus.

(L) Without neutral density filter. (R) With neutral density filter.

(L) Without neutral density filter. (R) With neutral density filter.

The polarizing filter is a wonderful addition to your GoPro  Hero3+ when shooting in bright sun and near water which makes it a must have for kiteboarding. I would suggest keeping the polarizing filter on your camera at all times shooting outdoors; it also will aid in eliminating windshield glare while used in a vehicle.

(L) Without polarizing lens (R) With polarizing lens.

(L) Without polarizing lens (R) With polarizing lens.

Here’s a little tip: Polarizing lenses need to be aligned correctly for the effect to work right. Always have the Polar Pro logo on the top of the lens.

The macro lens not only allows you to get super close to your subject and stay in focus, which is excellent for showing off your products or gear, but by accidentally adding it to the GoPro Hero3+ for a driving test, I also found out that it gives you a great fish eye image at regular distances. While the frame edges are distorted and blurry, your subject remains in focus. What great fun it will be exploring the different images and videos you can create with these lenses.

(L) Without macro from 2 inches away. (R) With macro from 2 inches away.

(L) Without macro from 2 inches away. (R) With macro from 2 inches away.

 I found these attachments to be well designed, however, at first, I thought I found a major flaw. For a camera attachment designed to be used in very active conditions, with waves and wind, bumping and jarring, it just slips over your existing lens. But I quickly figured out that Polar Pro addressed this already and each lens has an eyelet for you to attach a leash to (a string is included with each lens). Polar Pro also did an excellent engineering job making the fit exactly perfect. The lenses fit snugly on your camera and would need to take quite a beating before being knocked loose. This does make it tough to remove though, so no quick change action will be happening here.

Also, don’t expect to be able to remove the lenses without touching the glass; it will happen even if you are extremely careful, so have some lens tissue handy in your gear bag. You can even keep some in the handy storage bag each lens comes with.

Here’s another tip: You will be tempted to not push the lenses on too far because they fit so snugly, but you need to push them all the way on to your housing to prevent the lens frame itself from being in your shot. Priced at just under $60 for the three pack set ($30 each separately), these lenses are a quality product that will make your shooting more creative and fun.

Review from Patrick Rebstock:

rebstockI have been using the GoPro Hero3+ for a while in conjunction with my Canon 7d DSLR and it has proved to be an awesome tool for video and photos. One thing the GoPro has lacking though is the ability to control your image like you can with filters and interchangeable lenses on a DSLR, due to the lack of filter threads and the super wide angle fixed lens. Enter the Polar Pro Venture 3+ Combo Pack. It is a three pack of two filters and a macro lens that attach directly to the outside of the GoPro3+ housing. For kitesurfing, I find the polarizing filter to be the most useful for line mount and POV filming. The polarizer will give you instant improvement in the colors and reduction of glare on the water. The neutral density filter is useful for lowering the shutter speed to create motion blur for photos of waterfalls and getting smoother playing video. The macro lens gives the GoPro3+ lens the ability to focus on closer objects allowing you to get great close up photos and video. All three filters attach to the GoPro3+ waterproof case with a simple press fit and don’t require any modification.

I see myself using the polarizer lens the most out of the three for on-the-water filming to reduce glare and enhance water and sky colors. I would also like to try some of the other products like the neutral density filter for skeleton housing for use on my drone for helping to reduce the jello that vibrations create in the footage. If you are looking to add a new macro perspective or gain creative control over your images, I definitely recommend the Polar Pro products.

This product was featured in the 2014 Tkb Summer issue, Wish List department.


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