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Made of Recycled CoffeeBeans™ and BioCeramic™ fabrics to help prolong sessions by retaining warmth and counteracting fatigue. The patent pending X-Form™ which is made of NeoSkin™ supports the body’s core, reinforces posture, and promotes focus to muscle groups needed for peak performance.

From Tkb:

SAKOS is a new apparel company focused on providing high quality, technical clothing to the water and wind sports community. We met co-founder Chris Lee, a Southern California kiteboarder, at the 2014 Pismo Beach KiteXpo. Passionate and excited about the unique products he is bringing to market, Chris unveiled his company and four new pieces from his apparel line at the event, including the Compression XGuard.  Local rider and surfer Kurt Friedmann helped Tkb review the XGuard lycra. IMG_0185

The XGuard is SAKOS’ high tech answer to the traditional flimsy Lycra rashguards of the past. It provides an advanced insulation layer that can be worn under a wetsuit for increased warmth, or alone for the ultimate in rash and UV protection. Although extremely lightweight, its Drytek fabric insulates the body while wicking moisture away from the skin. The result is substantially improved heat retention and comfort. When tested under a wetsuit in 50F degree water and up to 30 mph winds, the XGuard provided noticeable thermal protection in comparison to a wetsuit used alone. It also prevented rash that is a common problem with many neoprene wetsuits. All of which means added warmth and comfort for longer sessions, even in cold, windy conditions.

While the added warmth is a huge benefit, a surprising advantage of the XGuard is its ability to reduce fatigue by supporting the body’s core and the muscle groups throughout the shoulders and back. Using the patent pending X-Form™, an elastic banding made of NeoSkin™, the thermal shirt provides amazing back support and freedom of movement through a 4-way stretch fabric. The unique combination of added warmth and structural muscle support significantly reduces the chance of a pull or strain, even in the most demanding conditions.


As for comfort, the XGuard’s tapered design fits snug to the skin, preventing the material from riding up when used under a wetsuit. Designed using an eco-friendly process, the XGuard’s fabric contains anti-odor properties, which naturally deter the growth of microorganisms, keeping the garment smelling fresh. For the ultimate in thermal protection, muscle support, and functionality, the XGuard is highly recommended as a way of enhancing the enjoyment of all watersport activities.

Test Application:

  • Kitesurfing, Surfing
  • 49-56F degree water
  • 15-35 mph wind
  • 58-70F degree air temperature
  • Worn under 4/3mm wetsuit

For more information on this product and others offered by SAKOS, see https://sakosapparel.com/

The SAKOS Compression XGuard is highlighted in the Summer 2014 Wish List deparment of The Kiteboarder Magazine.