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TKB is always looking for great images that represent different aspects of our sport. From lifestyle to event coverage to action shots, we encourage you to send along your best work, and then send some more. While we can’t always respond to each submission personally, we do review everything that comes through the door (so to speak), and we’ll contact you promptly if there’s something we can use or develop. 


What We Love

  • We love a good series of photos that showcase different aspects of a single location — especially if it’s a place we’ve never been.
  • We also love seeing familiar places with fresh perspectives.
  • We love photos that are well composed and properly exposed, and prefer a natural editorial approach, with minimal processing.
  • We love photos that capture things like facial expressions, or technical moves, or lifestyle moments.
  • Solid composition and exposure.

What We DON’T Love

  • Go-Pro selfies that are super-blurry.
  • Photos of riders doing nothing unique, especially if there’s only water and sky in the background.
  • Overly processed, super-saturated, too manipulated.
  • Images sent to us with no supporting data — location, rider name, photographer name, etc.
  • Galleries of 500 images.
  • High-res files sent via email.
  • Photos you don’t own or have permission to share.
  • Images with watermark, logo or trademark
  • a series of similar images with almost identical compositions or only slightly different exposures


If you have images that meet the guidelines above, we encourage you to send submissions for print consideration directly to our Editor (editor@thekiteboarder.com).



If you feel you have images that meet the guidelines above and would like to submit them for use via the web/social media, please send them directly to our Online Media Manager (amy@thekiteboarder.com). 




TKB uses images for both print and web. We offer compensation for images printed in certain sections of our magazine, but other areas like “the scene” are non-paid. We do not provide compensation for images used exclusively for web features or images pushed through social media.  What we can provide is exposure to the industry, exposure to a network of nearly 100,000+ readers, and feedback for developing a kiteboarding/action sports portfolio.




  • Send only your best selection of images. No more than 10 files per email.  Each image should be a JPG files, sized no larger than 1200 pixels wide. Do not send high resolution images via email. Only our print magazine will require RAW files.
  • Include the name of the location where the image was taken and datefor each image.
  • Include the photographer’s name for each image. For web/social media submissions, also include the photographer’s facebook URL (“business” pages only), a twitter handle, and instagram name, if applicable.
  • Include the rider’s name for each image. For web/social media submissions, also include the photographer’s facebook URL (“business” pages only), a twitter handle, and instagram name, if applicable.

Before pressing send — please make sure your 
submission includes all of the information above, as requested. 


(This is a great print submission. In order to consider it for use via our website or social media, we would also need photographer/rider credit information. See above.)

Below is a photo I shot of my friend, Nuno Figueiredo at Supertubos in Portugal. This shot is unique because it was a very rare day because we had waited two weeks for the wind to be perfectly side offshore with good lighting and this was Nuno’s final wave before he dropped his kite and ended the session.

Photographer: Vitor Sousa
Rider: Nuno Figueiredo
Place: Supertubos, Peniche, Portugal
When: End of Februrary
Vitor Sousa
ANY QUESTIONS?  Feel free contact us directly.