The clicks are counted. The people have spoken! Here are the top five stories our web viewers visited most often in April.

1. Light Wind Gear Reviews
Information for free. Gotta love it. Especially when gearing up to make a big purchase. Throughout the month of April, we rolled out our findings from nearly a month of light wind testing. We’re glad folks found it helpful.


2. Women Who Kite: the 10% of Kiteboarding
While male kiteboarders may still dominate the scene, if this story’s popularity is any indicator, we can certainly expect to see more and more women on the water in the year’s to come.


3. Gretta Kruesi Needs Your Help
And speaking of women on the water — prokiter Gretta Kruesi asked for help last week and you delivered! Kiteboarders are such a helpful bunch.

4. The School of Hard Knocks
F-One’s Next Generation are groms in training who take a few hard knocks on the road to riding pro, and this video made waves.


5. The Feeling of Foiling
Foilboarding is all the rage, as was this quick edit from Damien LeRoy and Melissa Gil last month.

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