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The final day of the Live2Kite Shop Foilboard US Nationals saw Johnny Heineken placing first, finishing three days of intense racing with a perfect score of 1st place in every race. Erika Heineken was the first place scoring woman and 16th overall in the male dominated fleet.

The final day of racing in front of the St Francis Yacht club saw lighter wind than the previous two days, with a strong ebb for most of the day. Joey Pasquali took second with a very consistent series of second place finishes while third spot on the podium was up for grabs going into the final race. Stefaans Viljoen earned third place overall after nailing 2nd place in the last race, putting Stefaans in front of Florida’s Jon Modica who ended the series with a 5th place finish in the last race.

Hectic start to Sunday with downed kites and a saiboat barging through the start.

Hectic start to Sunday with downed kites and a saiboat barging through the start.

Sunday’s racing started with the lightest conditions of the regatta and a chaotic first start with Erika Heineken’s kite nearly tangling with the race committee boat a minute before the start. At 40 seconds to the gun a large sailboat barged through the middle of the starting area, complicating the racers’ pre-start maneuvers as they lined up for a starboard tack approach. Notably, Johnny Heineken began the day on the new Ozone kitefoil, a ram air foil while the rest of the fleet competed with standard inflatable race kites. The chaos of the first start seemed to bury Johnny Heineken in a mid fleet starting position, but strong boardspeed and tactics allowed Johnny to climb his way back to a first place finish, and ultimately capping the series with what event announcer, Bryan Lake called a “picket fence”- a perfect line of first places across the scoreboard.


1st: Johnny Heineken
2nd: Joey Pasquali
3rd: Stefaans Viljoen

1st: Erika Heineken
2nd: Cynthia Brown


At the end of the final race competitors Joey Pasquali, Chip Wasson and Adam Withington threw down some huge airs on their race foils in front of the Live Feed cameras for the crowds watching at home. You can checkout Bryan Lake and Robby Dean’s insightful daily play-by-play announcing and video action of each race here: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/3511933/events/2983640

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