Sizes Available: 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18m
Sizes Tested: 16m


The Velocity VMG race kite represents the pinnacle of racing efficiency on all points of sail. Developed over an entire season with designer Pat Goodman, Damien Leroy and PKRA World Tour Racing Champion Bryan Lake, the Velocity VMG is podium proven. The Velocity is based on a bow kite plan form for the highest power to drag ratio. Its upwind ability is only matched by its ability to fly on all points of sail off the wind due to its full, powerful profiles. The Velocity features a lightweight construction using only 5 micro-struts with .06mm TPU bladders and modified panel layout with no Dacron and no chafe protectors. Its power production is optimized by keeping the area focused where the arc is flatter and the aerodynamic forces contribute the most towards forward speed.

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Our Testers Say:

“Big powerful kite that goes upwind like crazy, bar length is notably huge, but having the length is nice,” Marko Bartscherer.

A personal favorite, it’s fast for its size, well built construction, the only downside is that it doesn’t inflate on its own – perfecto,” Alfredo Maguyon.

“Very good kite for light wind spots like San Diego and Miami, maintains power in the turns and is very stable,” Greg Vasilieff.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Velocity is a 5-strut high aspect kite which doubles as both Cabrinha’s race kite and a high performing freeride kite in low winds. The inflation system uses a high flow valve that universally fits any pump hose with no nozzle and makes inflating and deflating fast and effortless. The Velocity features a 100% double ripstop canopy, and a single ply of higher strength ripstop in the trailing edge, a rear bridle with two turning speed attachment settings as well as a non-adjustable fixed front bridle which is fairly long in length. Compared to the Contra, the Velocity doesn’t turn nearly as fast, but its upwind ability and amount of power that it creates in all parts of the window earned it high praise from all our testers in San Diego’s light wind. Despite the slower turning speed, the Velocity is fun to jump and delivers an incredible amount of hang time.


The Velocity came with the QuickLink Race fixed length 65cm bar. The QuickLink bar is a more utilitarian design optimized for racing compared to the Overdrive bar that comes with all other Cabrinha kites. Although these bars share the same push away quick release and plastic coated depower/throw line, the QuickLink doesn’t have the adjustable length bar ends, and has a simple Clam Cleat with a long dangling line for tuning the kite. The single center-line safety depower doesn’t route through the center of the plastic throw line, but overall the bar is a clean and functional design which works very well in light wind situations. Testers praised the comfortable grip and overall utilitarian design but noted that in relaunch situations, grabbing the outside lines to put extra tension on the canopy could be tough on their hands.

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